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Wednesday, February 11, 2004
"As a Mac user, your computer takes on a personality. You treat it with a human-like quality." My Blueberry iMac is called Violet Beauregard. She's lovely. My iMac at work is the Banana Jr 6000. Nice to know I'm normal - and yes, I do need reassuring.

Chef from the reality show "The Restaurant" is accused of mismanaging investment money. The 'management group' who backed him expected the restaurant would be a financial success. Didn't they read "Kitchen Confidential"?

Seems that in Texas you can face obscenity charges not if you sell vibrators but if you tell people how they can be used to enhance your sex life.
'She added that because of her arrest, she has found herself in a role she never imagined -- a public advocate for allowing women and couples to make personal decisions about their sex lives.'
I have just finished reading Reefer Madness, so this story really caught my attention.