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Friday, February 14, 2003
Recent research on falling in love.
"So remember, the next time you fall head over heels, to whisper these sweet words: medial insula, anterior cingulate, basal ganglia."

Duct tape as a tool against terrorism. Red Green would be proud.
Bitterhag (one of my fave bloggers) talked about this yesterday.
the insanity boggles...

Thursday, February 13, 2003
Can't believe that Blogger just ate the whole thing - AGAIN. Oh well, one more time:

New Buffy is apparently a Barbie clone. Shouldn't she be falling over? Whoever sold her those breasts probably also got a good price for the Brooklyn Bridge.

PoA filming has begun - Knight Bus!!

More on the Knight Bus.

Comic Relief is one of Jo Rowling's fave charities and French & Saunders (if you don't know who they are, google right away and find out) are doing a parody of CoS - if you are in the UK, could you tape it for me? Thanks.

American Idol is in some hot water over getting rid of one of their Final 32. She has a damn fine voice, too.
"According to a source, the parties determined that it's one thing to perform in a strip club and another to pose on a Web site geared toward male fantasies about underage girls. So if you are thinking you might want to be a contestant on a Fox reality TV show in the future, confine your extracurricular activities to stripping or appearing on adult Web sites that cater to male fantasies about of-age women. (Apparently Kozer was portraying a very mature cheerleader in bondage.) This is good information to know."

Survivor: Amazon preview of tonight's premiere.
'Then when that huge nuisance Jeff Probst, the insipid host, comes around with his latest little tricks and treats, you may find yourself wishing the contestants would end up like characters from "Lord of the Flies" and attack him with machetes flailing.'