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Thursday, January 16, 2003
The Hilarious House of Frightenstein was a great Canadian kids show, which only taped one season. The reruns live in my mind forever. Griselda was the first cook I watched on tv, religiously. Billy Van, who portrayed most of the characters, recently died. I used to serve him at the Scarborough liquor store I worked at when putting myself through college. Vodka, if you want to know. In my overwhelming Canadian-ness, I never told him what the show meant to me, I never asked him for an autograph. Apparently, the producer of the show recently ordered the master tapes destroyed. Anyone have them on VHS?

Won't someone think of Hedwig?? Now that oil prices are high and production is low - let's just push a few animals out of a wildlife sanctuary and destroy the environment - think of the economy!

The police are now paying attention thanks to what has recently happened in BC. Involved were women who had disappeared and were not looked for because they weren't considered important enough to the police. Families had been lobbying for years to have their disappearances investigated. DNA of 15 women has shown up in a pig farm in BC - shades of Hannibal Lecter and Richard Bachman.

Penguins rule!
"We've lost complete control," said Jane Tollini, the zoos penguin keeper. "It's a free-for-all in here. After 18 years of doing this job, these birds are making mincemeat of me.''

The Leaky Cauldron now has a countdown clock in days/hours/minutes/and seconds until the new book is released.

Durian sparks evacuation of an Aussie airplane.
'He compared the smell of the gourmet fruit to "something you'd find in your outdoor dunny [toilet]" adding that "it just is the most pungent, disgusting smell."

Wednesday, January 15, 2003
In celebration of the release date of The Order of the Phoenix, here are some predictions of what children think will happen in the upcoming Harry Potter book(s).

"Put yourself in a target-rich environment..."

There will be a resurection of the famed Iron Chef White Trash in March. Check out the pics from the first one!

Party on, dudes!