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Thursday, October 31, 2002
12 years in a treehouse.

TO city plan passes (with some amendmants).

Poet Park wanted by Dennis Lee, author of Alligator Pie.

We Canadians are pissed at American border treatment. Not all Canadians are treated equally at the border - despite having the same passport and rights. If you were born in Certain Countries, you are treated like a potential mass murderer. The Canadian guy the deported to Syria is still missing, I believe. Everyone fucked up on that one...

Trading Spaces: The Books - will you buy them?

Vancouver squatters and abandoned buildings - insane housing/rental prices and perfectly good buildings sitting empty make for a sad situation. OCAP has been doing some recent actions in Toronto around city-owned abandoned buildings, with little success outside the publicity, which is still a good thing. It always breaks my heart to go past some of the beautiful brick buildings in the downtown core and see them boarded up. It gets bloody cold and hot in this city, we need shelter!

Is this a joke? Is it actually April 1st? Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow forecasted for my city. Sweet Fancy Moses!

Wednesday, October 30, 2002
My fascination for all things Napoleonic demands that I include this piece on the mystery surrounding his death - which continues still.

This is Joey's Reclaim the Streets piece - great pics and conversations he had during a recent demonstration in Toronto. Joey is an great guy - accordian player extraordinaire, geek and quick wit.

Bjork's mum ends hunger strike as she is satisfied that the world has heard her.

Brokers give commissions from one day of trading to donate $200,000 to Daily Bread Food Bank in TO.

Toronto to get Official Plan? Wonder if it has Front St. running through my (former) livingroom as well? Don't know if it will incorporate the Front Street Extension 'conceptualized' drawings or not, but should prove interesting.

BBC's CoS interviews: Thanks to The Leaky Cauldron for pointing the way.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002
Blame Canada! NYC 9/11 film about former Mayor Giuliani is to be shot in Canada. As I use to live in a neighbourhood in Toronto that was frequently NYC, this is no surprise to me.

PB&J and the military.

"This bad boy will last a minimum of three years at 80 degrees (27 degrees Celsius), six months at 100 degrees (38 C). They will travel to the swampiest swamp, the highest mountain, the most arid desert."

Monday, October 28, 2002
Madness: The Musical. Part of a recent trend to '80s inspired theatre productions.

Fame Academy is a recent British reality series (hoping to cash in on the whole Popstars thing) about a group of musical superstar wannabe's. They attend this Academy - voice and dance lessons. There is a live performance every week, one person is picked to be the Grade A student (can't be voted out, gets to perform a solo) and three people are picked to possibly get kicked out. They do solo's too. The tv audience picks one person to get kicked out, the classmates pick the other. I saw the first sing-off when I was in London recently. Brutal.

Bjork's mum is on week three of her hunger strike.

British plane-spotters and The Mouse:

"Why would 12 British plane-spotters found guilty of spying in Greece in April, return for an appeal when they have little faith in Greek justice? Their reasons include indignation, principle, £10,000 bail money... and Mickey Mouse."