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Saturday, November 24, 2001
BBC News | AMERICAS | Baby ban on US child support shirker. Wisconsin court rules that one Mr. Oakley must not procreate until he proves that he can not only support a new child along with the nine already in existance, but that he would be willing to do so. Seems he doesn't think he has any responsibilities past his sperm deposit.

Thursday, November 22, 2001
Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | You've seen the war footage, now buy the cards. Topps is issueing 90 cards based on "the pariotic response to the September 11 attacks". I'll be embarrassed for them 'cause the Goddess knows, they haven't the brain power to know they should be themselves.

Mouse building last straw for environment. Looks like the fish stocks and water quality in the waterways surrounding the new Disney theme park being built in Hong Kong are fucked. I guess the company is only worried about the press when building in the US.

Canadian Mint produces Harry Potter medallions. Seems we have exclusive rights to produce medallions (including house shields and Hogwarts school crest). And you didn't think you knew what to get me for Christmas!

Wednesday, November 21, 2001
Guardian Unlimited Football | News | Players' union set to strike. This is big stuff in the UK - what will the Lager Louts do on weekends?

CNEWS Science: Too much of a good thing. An Editorial by David Suzuki on our role in the Circle of Life and how we have been screwing it up.

CNEWS Space - Mars craft takes 100,000 photos. NASA's Mars Global Surveyor is out there, functioning and taking holiday snaps of it's time on The Red Planet.

Thestar.com/Exclusive: Writer J. K. Rowling answers her readers' questions. An interview with Herself. She generally only gives interviews now where the paper involved gives money to charity for the honour. Cool.

BBC News | NEW MEDIA | Novel approach to writing. Robert Olen Butler, Pulitzer Prize winner, writes a short story on-line, live, with cameras and everything. A teacher of creative writing, he wanted to show students (and anyone else who cared) what the process was like for a writer. Good thing he doesn't usually write nude.

Monday, November 19, 2001
OrlandoSentinel.com: Locals attraction to Disney parks vary. Little known fact file: more locals go to Disneyland than Disney World - could possibly have to do with the fact that most Orlando-area workers make shit money and have little/no disposable income for such treats.

'Wesley Crusher' to return for next 'Trek' movie. Wil Wheaton will be in the final NextGen Star Trek film. Not the most fave character among fen (oops, is that my geekiness showing?) but he needs closure too.

Sunday, November 18, 2001
Iron Chef USA. Good article on the horror that was Iron Chef USA. They just didn't get what really makes the Japanese show Iron Chef the cool, campy show that it is and was always meant to be.

"... the two (announcers) look absurd wearing 1970s-style gold blazers dusted off from the "Monday Night Football" crew."

"During the hourlong competition, (the) show falters as it fails in its attempt to express amazement over what the chefs may or may not be preparing. As always, the results are wildly different and submitted to a panel led by writer Bruce Vilanch, who uses each dish as a straight line, and three vocabulary-challenged judges, one of whom is a former centerfold."

BBC News | UK | Protesters gather for anti-war march. Because violence is violence.

The Santa Claus Parade OnLine. It's Toronto's 97th Annual Fat Guy parade today. If you're in town - take public transit (which you should be doing anyway) and if you're not, well, it's usually broadcast in the US, Ireland and a bunch of other countries over the next week.