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Saturday, November 17, 2001
Salon.com Books | Tolkien letters sold at auction. A collection, from Tolkien friend George Sayer, went on the auction block yesterday and realized $86,656 from an anonymous telephone bidder.

Thestar.com/Mandela honoured during emotional ceremonies. Nelson Mandela was in town this weekend. Among other things, he was at the newly renamed Nelson Mandela Park Public School, in the heart of one of the poorest neighbourhoods of our city. They renamed Park Public School to honour him. I worked for a year in that school - I'm really proud to say that.

Harry Potter: Pics, Part Two. Thanks to the folks at TheLeakyCauldron.com, I got the link to Filmforce, which gets info on films in production. This is info on The Chamber of Secrets (HP #2). They started production on the second film this month - I just saw the first one yesterday and already I can't wait for the second one. Sad, isn't it?

TheOneRing.net™ | Paramount Line Party. The fine folks at OneRing.net have started cyber-line parties for movie theatres near you. My "waitingforfrodo.com" friend Debbie is already in line - which is no surprise.

Wednesday, November 14, 2001
The Times: UK population in decline. Right, all you Brits out there, seems you're all coming up a bit short in the pro-creating arts. Enough with the practicing already! Please insert a heavy dose of sarcasm.

The Globe and Mail: Canada's Apartheid. Journalist John Stackhouse is doing a series of articles on the Native peoples of Canada. Things are never as equal up here in the Great White North as we would like to believe they are.

The Salt Lake Tribune -- Exploitable Info Stripped From State Internet Sites. Utah has been quietly "taking precautions" and therefore "protecting Utah's infrastructure during the 2002 Winter Olympics."

The Salt Lake Tribune -- Palm Pilot Plant Closing. Reduced demand = overstocked warehouse = layoffs.

BBC News | UK | Comedy site has plug pulled. A website based out of Northern Ireland has been taken 'off air' by its server because of it's content - it was basically like The Onion. So much for the famous British sense of humour.

Tuesday, November 13, 2001
BBC News | EDUCATION | Student files open to terror inquiries. Oh, this does NOT look good.

Thestar.com/Public asked for its input on waterfront. Input? You want input? Oh, I'll give you some input! See you on Saturday.

Quiz: Ladies, are you sex obsessed? A bit like Cosmo on-line : D

What's growing in your fridge? For the cleaning challenged (I am among their number), a very sensible guide to the wildlife we are creating in our Fridgidare's. If you have no fridge issues, read Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (Douglas Adams) first, then the guide.

Monday, November 12, 2001
Robbie burns with humour, sensuality. Fun interview with Robbie Coltrane, now forever know as Rubeus Hagrid, Keeper of the Keys.

BBC News | FILM | Actor Harris tamed by Potter. Interview with Richard Harris, who will now be forever known as Dumbledore.

Sunday, November 11, 2001
The Globe and Mail: Alberta to reduce medicare coverage. Ah, Mr. Klein, still up to your old tricks, are you? Alberta is a province that has healthy oil money and is pleading poverty with regards to health care costs.

Enter Sandman's world. The actual headline on the front page of Canoe.ca was "'Sandman' comic comes to life". For a brief, glorious moment, I believed that some wonderful visionary had put Neil Gaiman's superb comic series on film. Alas. This is, however, a great little article on why you must go out and read Gaiman's stuff. Brilliant stuff, all of it.

Why 'Gilligan's Island' and 'The X-Files' Hold the Key to America's Global Reach. Review of the book, Gilligan Unbound by Paul A. Cantor. He uses tv shows 'Gilligan's Island', 'Star Trek', 'The Simpsons', and 'The X-Files' to explore "how they speak to America's understanding of its place in the world."

"The two '60s shows "Gilligan's Island" and "Star Trek" presented a Cold War view of the United States as a country which was doing the globalizing, rather than being globalized. As Cantor puts it, "Gilligan's Island" is about "the Americanization of the globe."

BBC News | UK | Classmate website angers teachers. A popular UK classmate reunion website, Friends Unlimited, is being threatened with legal action by a teachers' union. They say that the site is being used to make claims of, among other things, pedophilia and alcoholism, against teachers. Interesting. The rumors from the classroom hallways being brought up again, in a much more public forum.