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Saturday, November 10, 2001
BBC News | AMERICAS | Author and hippie icon Ken Kesey dies. Author of 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" has died of cancer.

Thestar.com/Towers likely over Fort York. More proof that my neighbourhood is going to Hell In A Handbasket. Why is it that Money People like to destroy what was cool? They are attracted to it 'cause it's cool, then they gut the life from it. File this under Things That Suck.

Thestar.com/Canadian communists toast 80th birthday. My mother has been very worried about my leftist politics for years now. Mind you, I'm horrified at her right wing ways.

'"Many of the things that are lost are things that were championed by the Communist Party — jobs, social equity, social justice, peace," she said.

The mass anti-globalization movement is proof people don't think capitalism works, she said.'

Part of Alan Fotheringham's column from this weekend's paper. I'm not a fan of Mr. Fotheringham, but these two paragraphs are as clear as anything out there in Ontario at the moment:

"An advertisement in Britain's second-biggest Sunday paper, The Mail on Sunday: "Take a memorable break in fabulous Toronto! Super shopping, great galleries, magnificent museums and more than 3,000 restaurants catering for all culinary tastes. Home to the National Ballet of Canada, the Canadian Opera Company and the internationally renowned Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Then there is the SkyDome, one of the world's architectural and engineering masterpieces."

What did they forget to mention? Armani has just closed because of lack of customers. Harry Rosen claims he is going broke and has to become a squeegee kid. The ROM has just put on a widely derided exhibition of Rodin fakes. You can't smoke in a restaurant. The attendance at Argos games in SkyDome is a joke. There may be an opera company but there isn't an opera house. The TSO is going bust. Thank you, Mike Harris."

A book tour diary from author Dennis Bock. I love reading the author's view of their Grand Tour. They are always horrific, yet I don't know a writer out there who wouldn't give anything to find out first hand.

Writers, take heart. Douglas Coupland has found the cure for writer's block - Kraft Dinner.

Thursday, November 08, 2001
Salon.com Books | Interview with Kelly Link. Salon interview with a new friend of mine, great writer Kelly Link.

Salon.com Books | Interview with Kelly Link. Salon interview with a new friend of mine, great writer Kelly Link.

Janis Ian : Journey to World Con. I found this link at Patrick's blog (thanks!). I love the flow and honesty. I love that no matter who you are, you have heros.

Tuesday, November 06, 2001
Guardian Unlimited Books | By genre | Life in writing: Graham Joyce. I met Graham Joyce over the past weekend at the World Fantasy convention in Montreal. It was probably at a party - Brit writers know how to do it instinctively, I believe.

Guardian Unlimited Books | By genre | Review: New Sins by David Byrne.

New Sins records a commission from the Valencia Biennale that gave Byrne an opportunity to return to his roots in the mildly experimental. Byrne is a canny lad, and may be hinting that we should not overexcite ourselves at the title when he supplies the subheading "Translated out of the Original Tongues and with the former Translations Diligently Compared", which was also the blurb on the King James Bible back in 1611."

'Nuff said.

eBay U comes to Toronto. A first hand account of a day with eBayer's at the only U stop outside the US.

Monday, November 05, 2001
Waiting For Frodo. I've told you before to look at Debbie's comic on waiting for the Lord of the Rings movie. Trust me, it's great.

Salon.com Books | Author suing "Harry Potter" author having a hard time. Her lawyers have dropped her, the sales of her own books are pitiful, and the hearing on the lawsuit itself was postponed to January due to the fact that its original scheduled date was Sept. 11th (in NYC).

"Few critics have written about "Rah and the Muggles." One review was by The Associated Press, which called it an "excruciating mix of cliche, preachiness and just poor writing." Meanwhile, the country's leading superstore chains, Borders and Barnes & Noble, declined to stock Stouffer's work."

Thanks to Debbie for the link.