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Wednesday, October 31, 2001
City of Toronto: News releases. It isn't posted yet, but it will later today. Funding has been signed off on/approved/guaranteed for the Waterfront project. You know, the one that will (according to the 'artist's rendition' of the plan) make my home of 6 years disappear.

Ice Skater Seeks Ban On Rodeo. Scott Hamilton, Olympic Gold medalist, ice show star & mogul, animal rights activist. The Salt Lake City IOC, as part of their local cultural activities during the Winter Olympics, are putting on a rodeo. You know that there was going to be opposition.

Star Wars: Episode II trailer to be released later this week. The first paragraph of this column says it all:

" Please don't let Jar Jar be in it, please don't let Jar Jar be in it, please don't let Jar Jar be in it ... "

Thestar.com/Mars Odyssey satellite takes 1st photograph. It won't be released until later this week, but NIFTY!

'"We haven't had much time to think about what it means scientifically, we have been so busy saying how cool it looks," said Philip Christensen of Arizona State University at Tempe.'

Thestar.com/Twisted Sister members mull comeback - isn't this a sign of the Apocalypse?

Tuesday, October 30, 2001
CBBC Newsround | TV FILM | Emma Watson: 'I have the best lines' - interview with Hermione. BBC is great for all things Potter. There is also an upcoming interview with Daniel Radcliffe. There is no such thing as too much Potter stuff!

Monday, October 29, 2001
Maelstrom by Peter Watts. This is a review of my friend Peter's second novel. It is a sequel to the amazing Starfish. I highly recommend Starfish and, according to reviewer Paul Di Filippo (a kick-ass sf writer himself) this one is even better. I did see a copy of the book at Mole Queen's apartment this weekend, so it should be available.

"Like the endlessly mutating and recombinant digital/wetware entities that live in Peter Watts' online Maelstrom, his fiction itself exhibits a wonderful Darwinian adaptability. Internalizing the lessons and modes taught by cyberpunk and fusing them with the Bear/Benford pedigree of hard SF, Watts has bred a robust, streamlined, snarling kind of science fiction which achieves both a sharp-edged verisimilitude and visionary exuberance. From such innovative, catchy neologisms as "head cheese" (the term for gel-based AIs) to the scrupulous research on a dozen fronts which Watts, a marine biologist himself, catalogs in an appendix, these two novels are state-of-the art SF. And best of all, Maelstrom does not merely repeat the successes of Starfish but extends them into new territory, thus giving hope that Watts is no mere one-hit wonder."

(Courtesy of Boing Boing.net)

Sunday, October 28, 2001
Disney closes Carousel of Progress. Nooooo! It has always been one of my faves. Everyone sing with me: "It's a great big beautiful tomorrow, shining at the end of everyday ..."