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Friday, October 05, 2001
BBC News | FILM | Jackie Chan 'saves' stuntman's life during filming of Rush Hour 2. I'll have to ask him about it. He is currently filming The Tuxedo with Jennifer Love Hewitt here in Toronto. He will be filming scenes in my building next week.

A new spin on the spinster. Single women of 'a certain age' no longer considered suspect. 'Bout time.

Orlando man hospitalized for Anthrax. Tabloid photographer for The Sun has contracted the airborne type of anthrax. Could celebrities, tired of just setting dogs and goons on tabloid types, have set up biological security systems around their compounds? Inquiring minds want to know!

BBC News | SCOTLAND | Gregory's Girl school may close. Terrible, that. Gregory's Girl is definitely a cult film to me. I love it. All the girls at school have everything figured out, but Gregory and his male friends are just clueless gits running around wondering how it all works. The pic used in this article is a scene where Gregory tries to sneak into school without anyone seeing him (he's late). Of course, there's nothing to hide behind, and he just looks foolish. Makes me smile.

BBC News | EDUCATION | Harry Potter inspires thesis and it has been accepted into an academic journal! Basically, theory of the thesis is that Harry couldn't really do his beating You-Know-Who thing without Hermione. Mind you, he couldn't have beaten him the first time without his Mum. Harry Potter - nowhere without women.

Thursday, October 04, 2001
My buddy and former employer, Debbie Ridpath Ohi was interviewed for this article in CANOE, a Canadian on-line magazine, about her comic strip"Waiting For Frodo", about an obsessed Lord of the Rings fan. Very cool for her!

Mattel has a newTickle Me Elmo and a kick-ass contest to boot. Click on the sweepstakes button in the upper right hand corner for details. The dolls will announce the winners of the sweepstakes on January 9th. Seems to me I've read more than a few scifi stories that went along these lines...

Tuesday, October 02, 2001
Sales of bomb shelters and gas masks are way up. Food storage items, too, although not quite to Y2K levels.

Following the same thread, books of Certain Subjects (Islam, terrorism) are hot sellers. Wanting to understand why - I suppose that's a reason.

Eating away the sorrow. Snacking, pot luck dinners, and baking on the rise in the Current Situation. So is sex.

The headline says Lord of the Rings artifacts have been put out on display for people to see before the release of the first film. Here in Toronto, yet, at Casa Loma. Artifacts. Made me think of related items belonging to Tolkien. That would give them some amount of age. But no. It's props from the film. Props. Not artifacts. The power of words. Diablo Girl, sounds like your dream situation!

Monday, October 01, 2001
The US has a 'Challenged Books" List - books that aren't banned, but some think should be. Harry Potter books are on the list.
In a similar vein, a British toy store chain has banned selling the Harry Potter toys in it's stores. The owner, a Christian, says that he doesn't want to encourage kids to turn to the occult.

Meanwhile, at Disney World, the Hall of Presidents will reopen later this month, with Dubya robot up in front (they've put Clinton elsewhere). He is now the second President to record his own speech for the Magic Kingdom attraction.