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Friday, August 31, 2001
The commander of the space station talks to the BBC about the impact humans have on the planet. He does have a perfect view of what's happening.

BBC fall line up includes a new Absolutely Fabulous series. All the originals are back, and there is more of Jane Horrocks. When, oh, when will we see these episodes across the pond?

New book out about The Simpsons "The Gospel According to The Simpsons" (Westminster John Knox), by Mark I. Pinsky reflects on religion in the cartoon series. The author is hoping that it is as popular as the 1965 hit "The Gospel According to Peanuts" by Robert Short, which sold 10 million copies, according to this article.

Thursday, August 30, 2001
Carl Hiassen is a great writer who lives in Florida. For any of you out there who are familiar with his work, you'll have to agree that this story from the Orlando Sentinel looks like it was taken from one of his books. Bets that a jacket-wearing alligator shows up in his next novel.

From the Entertainment TonightNewslink:
August 29, 2001 | The Insider hears CBS is turning to "Survivor" to spice up the "Big Brother" House. Four former "Survivor" stars will be dropping in on the "Big Brother 2" houseguests for a special episode airing next Wednesday, right before the premiere of CBS's newest reality offering, "The Amazing Race." That is Syn-sational (as in Synergy)! Look for "Survivor II" heartthrob JEFF VARNER and fitness queen ALICIA CALAWAY to mix-it-up in a slumber party along with SUE "Trucker" HAWK and GERVASE PETERSON from the original show. The news comes on the heels of trouble in the house. NICOLE from "Big Brother 2" was reprimanded by producers after threatening to kill Will if he betrayed her. She later said she was just joking, but the producers didn't think it was funny. She was called into the diary room and told to cut it out.

Also from the land of ET, an interview with Scott Bakula, new Captain of the Enterprise. Comes with a video of part of the interview.

Ebay on television? Sign me up! (Thanks Boing Boing !)

Wednesday, August 29, 2001
Laughing Place reviews a new Disney book, Married to the Mouse, which is from Yale University Press. We live for this sort of book. Beautiful looking cover - great choice Yale!!

Air Canada announces a major seat sale, just before they are up for 'discussions' about 'competitive moves'.
But it is perfect if, say, you wanted to join friends near Glasgow for New Year's. It would be $518 round trip from Toronto.

OOK!! The Kansas City Zoo may lose accreditation due to staff/management issues, and inferior orangutan facilities. The front page of the paper has a pic of one of their apes (not monkey!). Doesn't look particularly pleased with his accomodations, does he?

Disney World Park is experiencing a slump? Didn't my going twice this past year do anything? The line-ups at Test Track and the new Pooh ride are still insane. Should I have bought more? Has that been the problem? I feel so responsible!

Tuesday, August 28, 2001
The Simpsons were voted Best TV Family in a UK poll, here is The Simpsons in links, thanks to The Guardian Unlimited. There's a nifty quiz at the end of it.

Chicago tries to pull people away from the boob-tube 'n computers and lead them to literature. They want everyone to read To Kill A Mockingbird together.
"The idea of having everyone in a city, or as many people as possible, read a book together originated four years ago in Seattle. It has spread to several parts of the country, including Springfield, Ill., and Boise, Idaho.
Credit for the original idea is often given to Nancy Pearl, a Seattle librarian."

Okay, Diablo Girl, heads up on this Florida wave warning. Time to move to NY.

15th century Scottish castle, Mains Castle is up for sale. Located in East Kilbride, Scotland, bidding starts at a mear 1/2 million US.

"Cost of ownership can include staff, general maintenance and large-scale refurbishing. A rule of thumb, Coleman said, is that someone considering a $2-million castle should have $3 million in the bank, although it's not a requirement.

"You'll need the money from the interest on the other $1 million to run it," he said."

Monday, August 27, 2001
Experiment in the slums of India has shown that "illiterate street children can quickly teach themselves the rudiments of computers and the internet. "

"What they would see is the opening screen of MSN.com. They started fiddling around with the touchpad and quickly noticed that finger movements on the touchpad moved something on the screen," said Mr Mitra told the BBC World Service's Go Digital."

"All this happened as far as I can tell from incidental learning and peer to peer learning," said Mr Mitra."

Sunday, August 26, 2001
The publicity begins! My Sweetie's first published novel is due out next year from Tor Books. Here is some info, via the author himself, on the book.

Stuff we know about Survivor 3. They just wrapped up filming. Biggest news to me: survivorsucks.com is no more. Loved that site.

Afghanistan's Taliban government has now listed the internet as off limits to it's citizens and visiting foreigners. The only connection to remain will be one computer within one government office. The ban will be enforced by the Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. Sounds so George Orwell. It's incredible that it is reality and not science fiction.
"Our correspondent says it may be that the Taleban feel use of the internet will inevitably lead to other offences, for example those banning images of living beings."