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Friday, August 24, 2001
Conrad Black dumps The National Post, his right wing Canadian national newspaper. He owns newspapers all over the world, loves to break unions, and is only slightly Right of Hitler. I type this with a smile on my lips and a song in my heart.

Chicago lawyer sueing the games promotors hired by McDonald's for their Monopoly and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire promotions. Seems they've been fixed.

There is a letter writing campaign being put together to lobby on behalf of Microsoft. Problem is that a company is pre-writing the letters and sending them out to people via out-dated mailing lists (some of the people are, of course, now dead). Seems there is also some phone calls to pressure people to sign the things and they are being very forceful in their approach.

'Hatch said the letter-writing campaign shows Microsoft or groups working on its behalf will use political tactics to undermine a pending court order.
"It reflects a company that's not bothered by ethical bound- aries," Hatch said.
Microsoft spokesman Vivek Varma said competitors are using similar tactics to "mobilize consumers to lobby on their behalf." '

A review of the Jay and Silent Bob movie. The reviewer, a late-middle aged white guy, hated the movie.
"Rated R: Nonstop crude and sexual humor, pervasive strong language and drug content."

Seriously, should a person be driving when they are 94 years of age? It really is an accident waiting to happen. Unfortunately, as most driving accidents happen near the home, the person you have spent the vast majority of your life with, is the one to pay.

Thursday, August 23, 2001
Thanks for this one, Margo.
Mr. Potato Head statue gets axed by the British town it was donated to. Giant Mr. Potato Head statue. We'll take it! It'll look lovely next to the potted plants.

Parasailor gets caught up in Statue of Liberty's torch. Bet s/he felt conspicuous.

I'm more than a little miffed. Tony Danza is now slated to host this year's Miss America contest. I don't actually care about the Miss America contest, BUT ... why aren't Donny and Marie back again? Tony Danza over Donny????? I mean, really!

Germans are putting on a musical about Diana, Princess of Wales. Really. No, I'm not making it up. I know it's weird, but I'm just reporting on what I saw in People magazine.

Dubya is going after Americans who travel to Cuba by imposing hefty fines.

"On President George W. Bush's orders, the Treasury Department has begun an energetic campaign to track down and punish Americans who defy U.S. travel restrictions to the communist-run island, the only country in the world off-limits to most Americans.

Donna Schultz, a retired social worker from Chicago, Illinois, traveled to Cuba via Canada for a bike tour. On her way home through Toronto, American immigration and customs officials were waiting. "

Wednesday, August 22, 2001

British release of the Harry Potter Trading Card Game and the approval of a 10 year old tester.
'One of the lucky children to have already played the game is Daisy Morrish, 10. "I like it because you actually pretend to be someone when in Pokemon you didn't," she said. "I do enjoy it more because it is not as complicated as Pokemon. I think my friends will like it because they've got all the Pokemon cards and it is something new to collect." '

United Airlines announced on August 9th that it is doing away with the dreaded Saturday night stay over

"The low fares are available for travel starting September 5 and, at least as of now, there's no end in sight. No one knows if similar rates will pop up for other flights and destinations yet, but given the current economy, it's safe to bet most carriers are thinking about it. According to a press release from the Air Transport Association, there has been a steady decline of airline passenger traffic--and corporate cutbacks are to blame."

Chick Corea on music, turning 60, and being a committed Scientologist. He moved to Clearwater, FL from Los Angeles just to be near the "top level" course centre located there.

Sneak preview of upcoming seasons story lines for The Simpsons, which will include a Harry Potter spoof in the Hallowe'en episode.

Thanks to The Mole Queen and Don B. for pointing this my way.
Zaidie Smith on book tours and author's hair.

"I have been on an American book tour before. Four things come out of an American book tour:

1. The writer gains 15 pounds.

2. The writer can find a minibar within five seconds of opening a door, irrespective of wood-paneling camouflage.

3. Any original thought the writer ever had – every pretty black mark she ever made on a piece of white paper – is replaced by the endlessly reoccurring phenomena of the writer’s own name rising up at them in embossed font on the front of a book they have come to despise.

4. The writer is reduced to embracing the only creative subject she has left: writing about writing and writers. And, if she is lucky, hair. "

"Kansas City is oven hot, dead metaphor or no dead metaphor. And for some reason it is God’s plan to have me read in an inter-denominational all-faith meeting house, the better to offend all his children in different ways. By the time I get back to the hotel I’m washed up. The Jews hate me. So do the Catholics, the Muslims, the Hindus and the Jehova’s Witnesses. The Buddhists aren’t so crazy about me either. It turns out Kansas is not the city for religious comedy. Who knew?"

It has been a decade since Gwen Jacobs was charged with indecent exposure. Topless in Ontario, a woman's fight.

Pooh profits in question. Who really owns Pooh and what constitutes 'using' his image?

Exploding man hole covers in Washington D.C. Too much hot air in the area? That would be the easy answer.

Carl Hiassen set to create a TV series. Could be cool, could be Striptease all over again.