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Monday, August 13, 2001
Magic: The Gathering's World Championships just wrapped up here in Toronto on Sunday and I'll bet you didn't even know there was such a thing. I didn't. Seems there is a whole professional Magic tour.

''It took a couple of years for me to convince my mother I wasn't a gambler,'' says Wise. ''My family all seemed really genuinely interested and clueless. They just don't understand what I'm doing.

''I explain to them that I'm basically playing a mental form of tennis or golf. I'm an individual participating with other individuals in a game where I am competing for prize money. Basically it's the same kind of tour. Nobody ever complains about what Tiger Woods is doing for a living.''

My Sweetie always tries to order a Mojito in every new bar he finds himself in. He tends to get blank stares from US bartenders. Looks like that will soon end. They are the new "in" drink in the States. Los Angeles is leading the way to the new Mojito revolution. Castro would be so proud.

I was completely blown away when I saw the Disney Dinosaur movie, the one with the monkeys. I couldn't believe that they had developed animation software to the point of hair blowing in the wind so realistic. Detail obsessed animators are constantly perfecting their craft. Now, they can realistically produce a glass of milk. Their mothers must be so proud.

'Stanford University computer scientist Henrik Wann Jensen has been searching for a way to create realistic digital milk, and after a year of work he has come up with what computer graphics experts say is the first truly lifelike solution.

"It seems like something that's so simple, but no one has rendered a convincing picture of a glass of milk," said Jensen, who will present his findings this week at the annual Siggraph computer graphics conference at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

British journalist's report on Windows XP. What the screens look like, installing, moving around. I, myself, have a Mac. But some of you out there may be interested in the article.

The Guardian Unlimited, web presence for the British newspaper, has it's own Weblog which takes the top news stories and links to world wide newspapers take on the headline. Very cool.

"Same-sex marriage. I don't care if it is legal, I still think it's wrong -- and I'm a lesbian."

Salon.com article on marriage . Next time the boyfriend's relatives start up with the "Why aren't you getting married" thing, I'll just hand over a copy of this. Should shut them up for a while.

"My point is not that we should do away with marriage but that we should do away with favoring some relationships over others with state recognition and privilege. Religions, not the state, should determine what is morally right and desirable in our personal lives. We can choose to be followers of those religions or thumb our noses at them. But the state has no place in my bedroom or family room, or in yours, either."

Sunday, August 12, 2001
Boy George has penned a musical for London's West End stage.

I'm incredibly shocked to see that a shooting and subsequent death occured at Sneaky Dee's here in Toronto. It's been a fave hangout for most of the twentysomethings in this city for quite a while. My Sweetie used to hang out there with his laptop, drink heavily, and try to convince girls that he was a screenwriter.

Laughingplace.com is an incredible site of all things Disney. Here is a link to interviews done with both of the Sherman Brothers. They have been responsible for the most memorable of Disney tunes, my fave of which is There's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow, theme of the Carousel of Progress.