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Saturday, August 11, 2001
Scrapbooking University. I need not say more.

Yard Sale journalism.

Harry Potter and the Southern Baptists.

"People who object to the books are made to look like fools," McGee said. "Everybody is saying how wonderful they are and that they are just fantasy. But I'm not a flaming idiot on this one."

Friday, August 10, 2001
Lawsuit filed that claims Palm app hurts PCs.

The cool thing about 'stuff' is finding the right home for it, and here, clearly, the stuff found it's way home.

34 years after the speedboat accident that killed him, divers recover the body, and confirm that the remains are, indeed, Donald Campbell, British speedboat legend.

Story on the state of San Francisco's homeless population. If anyone can locate Jeff Webb's webcam site, let me know.

Just in case all the NeverLost cars are gone from the Hertz lot, now you can carry you're own system! Canadian company developed the Destinator for use with a hand held.

Canadian Immigration workers are set to stage three one-day strikes at Pearson Airport, in Toronto. Well somebody had to strike this season, didn't they?

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Wednesday, August 08, 2001
More info on the Brady Bunch episode of The Weakest Link.

"The Diabetes Prevention Program is the first large study to show that diet and exercise can effectively delay diabetes in overweight men and women of different ages and races, who already have impaired glucose tolerance – a key step in the development of early disease."

"I want to be at one with the monkeys".

Lorenzo Music, or Carlton, your doorman, died on Saturday.

Astronomers believe they have "found evidence of the period billions of years ago when starlight first began streaming through the universe."

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Tuesday, August 07, 2001
Great British report/feedback on lying about yourself on your resume. This was interesting to me as I am currently shopping myself around for a job.

Frank Gehry's Disney Concert Hall is going up in Los Angeles.

Title is released for the second Star Wars movie, due out Spring 2002. Go get a glass of juice while this one loads, folks, it's a slow one.

As the sun hits down on a lot of us pretty hard at the moment, this timely piece on a 'morning after skin treatment' and preventative measures when going out into the sun. It isn't only Mad Dogs and Englishmen any more.

Doctor Who is declared the Number One Cult Television Show of all time by British TV critic Jeff Evans, who put the list together for publicity of the new Penguin TV Companion.

A piece from British media on Dmitry Sklyarov and the Digital Millenium Copyright thing. But the real question is, where can we get those t-shirts?

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Monday, August 06, 2001
Mayhem in China.

Cell phone service in Canada was broken yesterday for 2.6 million users. Bummer.

Results from Project Choice are now in.

"Project Choice officials learned that simply offering students a free college education was not enough. Many needed a lot of support along the way."

For Sylvia Plath fans, The British Library has received the letters of Ted Hughes, her estranged husband at the time of her suicide.

The Brady Bunch on The Weakest Link. Oh yes, I'll be watching.

Seems that flight delays are less and traveller complaints are down in the US. Oh, to have that be true in Canada.

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Sunday, August 05, 2001
British Track & Field Team is Bored in Edmonton.

Interview with Saint Janeane, as my sweetie calls her.

You may expect higher prices on edamame in the near future.

Caribana .

Chinese Government are systematically erradicating members of the Falun Gong by violence, de-programming, or advertising.

Take care out there in Florida and Alabama, Barry is on it's way.

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