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Friday, August 03, 2001
Fan site devoted to DisneySea, which will open in September, 2001. Great construction pics.

Interview with Paul Pressler, Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, at a great fan site for Disney Parks, Laughing Place.

Disney's at it again.

Singer Bjork announces a Canadian tour date. Better gossip is that she is currently filming her latest video on my street. There is a killer blue & white Harley on set, this is all I know, however, my neighbour Bob is the set designer, so I'll pressure him for info.

Toronto engulfed by swarms of aphids.

A good, basic checklist for those who are thinking of camping this season.

It's Caribana this weekend. As usual, it should be great, hot weather - enjoy!

Dell Computers has stopped pre-installing Linux OS.

Miami International Airport corruption charges. I was recently at the MIA. It is a level of hell. Be afraid.

One of the good things about Miami is Carl Hiaasen. He is back publishing his column in the Miam Herald.

Again, there are more important things to teach Boy Scouts than dealing with personal choice issues.

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Thursday, August 02, 2001
Boy Scout Leaders in Boston stick to talking about camping gear, hiking routes, and badge requirements. Sounds sane to me.

A little Japan Times Cartoon page - Noodles is my favourite.

The Festivals page of the Japan Times - very important if you are visiting Japan soon. Yes Debbie, I'm talking to you!

While we're at it, the Festivals page at the Irish Times is a must see for the tourist going to Ireland, or perhaps, the Australian living in Dublin (hi Kate and Ian!)

Food is now very political. Tuna, chocolate, most fish, anything with a hoof - the list goes on and on.

Neil Gaiman is always worth looking at. And he's a hell of a writer.

Storage unit living in Florida.

Missing in America.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2001
Elfquest - The Movie.

A little Lord of The Rings movie gossip.

The Hardy Boys turn 75, but they are still stuck in High School.

Maybe he just wanted to buy some cigars or just have a holiday.

First alligators, then sharks, and now tiger's. I'll just stick to visiting The Mouse, thank you.

Refugee claimants are appearing all over.

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Tuesday, July 31, 2001
Tokyo's DisneySea is set to open.

wear it again! I threw a wedding shower once where I invited all attendees to show up as a Member of The Wedding Party. The results were hilarious.

Sims fan? Now you can be Harry or Hermione.

This one is for all you techno-geeks out there: RIM moving into Europe.

Interesting article on Republicans in US and the proposed 28th Amendment.

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Monday, July 30, 2001
I got out of the area just in time! Strange find on Hollywood beach.

``That's a little abnormal,'' said Tony Rode, Hollywood Police spokesman.

Caroline Rhea is the new Rosie.

Extreme Disney?

On July 31st it's Harry Potter's birthday - fans are celebrating the day together.

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