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Wednesday, July 25, 2001
Smoking Gun strikes again - Mike, you are so busted. If you are watching Big Brother 2 (US edition), you already knew he is not to be trusted.

Debbie's new comic about a fan waiting in line for the Lord of the Rings movie. Brilliant as all things she does.

All things Lynda Barry rock.

Transactions of a Q & A session on well.com with Terry Pratchett, whom I adore.

The fine folks at The Laughing Place, a great Disney park fan web site, have put together a primer for Pin Trading - the latest merchandising gimmick at The Mouse.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2001
BoyCrazy cards. Sweet Fancy Moses!

Duh!! Of course Disney parks are for adults - do you mean there's a better way?

Coping with this smoggy summer.

Heads up Geoff Ryman fans. Ask him a question about his new online novel.

Political Button Mystery - in case you are bored at work and want to do something with your brain.

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