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Friday, July 13, 2001
2008 Olympics goes to Beijing. We at Toronto's waterfront area will sleep better tonight.

Big Diet reality show - watch people lose weight - is ending early due to lack of interest.

This is a great idea - a gas price watch. It gives average prices and whether prices are going up or down. Good info to have.

Great Big Brother 2 fan site (thanks Margo!). Giving us the info from the live stream and beyond. Bastards at CBS are charging for the live web stream - yes, I'm mentioning it again 'cause I'm still mad.

"If there's anyone that can perceive that as an act of violence or as a threat then you're an idiot, all right, and I don't know what the hell you're watching and I don't know what kind of glasses you're looking through," Justin, deluded and dangerous man, talking about his little death-threat-knife-wielding incident. Krista should stop drinking - she obviously has issues.

The Molson Indy is currently running outside my back yard. Sounds like a million mosquitos through KISS' sound stack. And it's only test run day. I'm off to the in-law's house to escape. Back Sunday.

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Thursday, July 12, 2001
The UK gives out info re: Big Brother 2 eviction.
The CBS Big Brother website is crap - they want you to pay for the live video feed (it was free during the first run) and the news is very old. I've been disappointed in the show set up this time around. I loved being able to vote people out.

The world needs morecrazed cat stories.

Too bad it is being made into a rehab centre/senior's residence 'cause it would make some kick ass loft space.

Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Beautiful Game closes in London's West End, but heads to Toronto.

A blog just for Harry Potter fans - all things Potter, all the time. Wouldn't Snape hate it?

Disney luxury hotels downgrade service. Less for more, it seems.

The Twelfth - me, I'm just going to send quiet, peaceful thoughts across the pond. Every year, this is the one day that makes me nervous.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2001
Home safe after two months of international search effort. She freaked out over her exams, ran away with guy she met online, missed her mum, came home. International search.

Firing back at the government for not working harder for the shipyard workers, Billy Connolly - you probably know him from Head of The Class (the later episodes) but I remember his stand up records from my youth. No TV was allowed on Sunday until Disney was on, my dad would make us listen to his records - Sir Harry Lauder, Irish Rovers, and Billy Connolly. I knew more about swearing by the time I was 10 than you could ever think possible.

Ah, the Dutch - what can't they do? File sharing and male contraceptives!

Sueing Coke Sueing Millionaire - might as well start at the top.

Java will lead the way.

Michaelangelo's Moses restoration project on-line. Has a variety of live web cams to see the restoration in progress, however, I haven't been able to view it. Perhaps they are working out the bugs. All I get is "Can't Connect" messages. It'll be amazing when it works.

New Star Trek series info.

Sailing the Pacific - in a rowboat. Wait, that wouldn't be sailing then, would it? Oops. Cool site with updates from the two lads and shows their progress. They'll be finishing up in San Fran.

You can now rent out space on the Castaway 2000 island for your holidays. Cool. They've just started airing the BBC reality show here in The Great White North. Saw first episode Monday and it looks great.

New Canadian magazine - Canadian and feminist - very cool. (Thanks, Deb!) Poopie, you might want to check this out - know any of the writers?

Worst writer annual prize goes to a Canadian secretary.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2001
Ulysses up for auction.

"The draft of the Eumaeus chapter has been hailed as "sensational" because it contains text that was later revised and removed and does not appear anywhere else. "

Sorry, boys, looks like Drew is really married this time.

Tammy Faye - key note speaker at Tampa Gay Pride festival. Goodness.

More films based on Comic Books - cool.

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Monday, July 09, 2001
Carl Hiaasen is back with fresh columns starting August 1, but read ones he's put out recently. One of the great writers.

One to one marketing, via the internet, of course. Did you see this, Poopie?

Apple Power Adaptor recall, umm, Poopie, should I be worried?

Napster, how very sad.

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Thoughts on Microsoft and world domination.

DisneyQuest Chicago is closing. I was there last year (when the World SF Convention was in town). All they needed to do is add one or two other interesting bits. It was a bit thin.

Rick Mercer is leaving This Hour Has 22 Minutes. Best damn television around.

Hey Mole Queen, another Estonian born cool person!