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Saturday, June 30, 2001
Moomin lovers mourn. Passing of a great writer of children's books.

The name of the band is Talking Heads. New book in review.

Shrek vs. Atlantis.

Religion and Sport. Not just Salt Lake 2002.


Not monkey. Ape.

Marching Season. Here we go again...

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Friday, June 29, 2001
Sing us another one, Mike. Can you believe people voted to give him a second term in office? Where are the minds of the voting public?

Elian - one year later.

Lord, save us from helpful people.

Cool, they're doing another one! I was totally hooked on the first North American Big Brother.

Very cool private collection of Egyptian artifacts on display for the first time.

Great history article just for Trixie Belden fans - local woman attempts to halt over-development in Croton-on-Hudson area.

Arms sales and aggression. Some things never change.

Munchausen by Internet syndrome. Village Voice article.

Listen up ladies - if it sounds to good to be true, it is.

Global warming, Kyoto, & Dubya

Huh?? Could someone explain the logic on this one to me?

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Thursday, June 28, 2001
What do you bet that there were many volunteers to answer this 911 call?

My local drug store chain knows more about me 'cause I use a card (for points) with every purchase. Just like the Neilsen thing. People report that they watch PBS, they actually watch World's Stupidest People. It's why we have more Jerry Springer-like shows. Privacy or truth?

Loved Jack Lemmon since I first saw Some Like It Hot and was awed by his performance in Glengarry Glen Ross. He made good films great.

Harry Potter. Harry Potter. Forget the article, just link to the next trailer. Oooooh, we see Fluffy, and get to hear how great Rickman as Snape is going to be, and Neville flying, and and and everything. I'm a bit excited.

Land of My Birth. Still fucked.

Airlines buy trees. When I first saw the headline, I thought it was to put trees in the planes to give us more oxygen during flights. Silly me.

The UN tries.
"A last-minute compromise on the declaration came after Western nations reluctantly agreed to drop language specifically naming groups vulnerable to the disease -- including homosexuals and prostitutes -- because it was offensive to some Muslim nations.

Instead the new language refers to those who are at risk due to "sexual practice" and "livelihood," and prisoners as those made vulnerable through "institutional location."

: D Microsoft. You have to laugh.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2001
Go Adbusters!

Wasn't Napster always a legit business? Discuss Napster

Rockn' again 'cause we'll fork over cash to look and listen to a bunch of musicians, but not to heal the dying.

Utah vs Olympics and Reality

A writer lied? Say it isn't so!

...and the land of the free (except if you're foreign)

Neil Gaiman's latest

Yet more on Florida's Holy Land Experience church, er, theme park?

Survivor III location info

The world is rocked ! Two ugly people kiss in public.